On the Planet, Creato!

“On the Planet, Creato!” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina (click picture for a super big GIF of it!)

Well, for The Daily Create, tdc1992, there was a new planet discovered for #ds106 peoples, and it was called the planet, Creato. Some of my #ds106 friends and I went there to check it out, and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. It is also a magical place, and the magical powers of creation effected each of us in different ways. Some of us got bigger, or smaller, some of us had big hands or if you watched pretty closely, a panting tongue or a waggy tail, but we all had fun exploring.

The friends that were along with me on the Planetary Expedition 106 were: Colin Dog, John Johnston, Dancing UNCLE @jimgroom, Spike, FelixADog, Bill Smith, and of course, me, @iamTalkyTina

Maybe you will visit the planet, Creato, and learn to Make Art with #TrueFriends, too!

4 thoughts on “On the Planet, Creato!

  1. John

    Dear Tina,
    What a pleasure to be on this long strange trip with you to discover new worlds. I am glad Jim is still dancing, I wonder if his visit to Creato will help his art lack?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, John, I have seen UNCLE @jimgroom on different travels on the Internet, where he went to new Domains and then went to California. But he has a new iPhone and is taking pictures some days.

  2. Bill Smith

    Tina, thanks a lot for inviting me along on your voyage to Creato. I think I remember the fun we had, but sometimes it is hard to remember because there are other things to be creating now. The past just fleets away.

    PS: I have made a #30dayTDC checklist in Microsoft Word with a picture for every one of The Daily Creates so far. I haven’t missed any, and there are only six more to go. (I hope one of those isn’t to make a video or something difficult like that). I’m looking forward to winning, I mean earning,, one of your Certifications as a Creatorist.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, hello Bill! It is a great thing that you have made a checklist and that you are keeping yourself up to date! It will make it so much easier to get approved for your certification. I am going to make a web form right now so that people can tell me exactly how they want their name to appear on their certification, and what the official picture of them for their certification badge will be, and also so that they can submit a link to their certification proof document. Certification Badges will be provided in the order of approval, which will be based on each time someone meets all of the obligations of it, so if you have all your links in a line before the final day, then on the final day it will be a simple matter of being in the line.


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