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A Fatal Femme – Get the Message?

I found this wonderful video with a fatal femme in it on YouTube that I wanted to share with all my True Friends.

I think that in it you can see how the fatal femme is mysterious, with attraction and a smokey voice one where she is in a bar or nightclub with shadows and palm trees wearing a detective costume with fedora and gloves and making a drop. Plus bead curtains and diagonal lines like blinds and she uses her compact mirror smartphone to contact the other detective man who is also wearing a trenchcoat and hat with smoke. And it is all in black and white with suspense music, plus a secret contact voice on a payphone with code words. The Macguffin is a top secret deodorant cold war creme with special no-stick 3M  ingredients.

My Super True Friend Christina (@clhendricksbc, on Twitter) and I will be doing a special interview about the Fatal Femme and a guy called Simon de Beauvoir in #noir106, plus I will be playing a fatal femme called Daphne de Beauvoir in our #ds106radio play called “You’re Soaking your Fingers in It! Relax, it’s Gin!

Tune in this coming week to the #noir106 Radio shows on our favourite radio station, #ds106radio #4life!!



Tina is Taxed While Tackling the Script

Well! I have been having a bit of an Art Lack recently, but I think that it will be done soon and I will be back to my usual self, making Art on a more regular basis.

I have been trying to find time to work on our group radio play, Shrinking the Big Questions with Mariana, Christine, Karen, and Jess. I won’t say too much about our show now, except to say that it is about Shrinking the Big Questions.

I know that I am a bit rusty at making Art because I had a really difficult time getting my microphone to work right AND I had a rough time reading my script that was written for me. Listen to this difficult time that I had. It is an outtake or a blooper:

Would you believe that even after all that mumbling, jumbling, I still managed to get the line not quite right in my final recording? When the show comes out next week you can listen to when I say this part and hear how I still had a problem.

Oh well, what is it that they say about get back on the horse and then you can find water so he can have a drink? Or something like that?

Plus, I was doing some of my recording in the back of a truck inside a Shipping Container when I was going home from The Big Meet-Up with Jim Groom. But I will write about that soon. (with pictures!)

Well, bye!