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Remixin’ an’ Reincorporatin’ Those Comic Book Heroes


The Shadow, by Walter B. Gibson, originated in 1930’s pulp fiction

So I was enjoying The Daily Create for today, tdc1453, which said to make a Lone Ranger meme, and I couldn’t help but noticing how the comic book industry has been remixing characters for years and years.

Come Out of Your Hidey Hole by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

These thinkings came about because of some of the confusions that might have come up in making a meme when it looks like The Lone Ranger up on his horse on two legs, but the meme generator gives you a picture of Zorro instead. Because if you don’t notice the black Zorro cape, you might think they were the same guy. They both ride a white horse in southwestern desert places and have cowboy hats and gloves. They get  the bad guys. Even if Zorro had a black hat, it was kind of like they were the same guy, just incarnated into a different costume.


TDC1453 submission by by @dogtrax

But then I thought deeper, and then I saw a Lucky Luke one (he’s a cartoon), and a Boromir one (or is it from the Boondocks Saints? But I’m still pretty sure it’s Darryl). They didn’t look as much like The Lone Ranger, but they were still either cultivating the Cowboy or The Good Guy Masquerading as a Villain, which seems to be common for heroes.


@Ronald_2008’s Lucky Luke, @annycow’s Boondocks Boromir Ranger, and a Shadow/Spirit-channelling Lone Ranger found by @mdeHSD

Then I saw one that looked like a drawn Lone Ranger but the blue was darker and the red bandana and mask made him look more like Walter Gibson’s The Shadow (image at the top of this post). Or perhaps more like Will Eiser’s The Spirit.

"The Spirit" -- looks familiar, eh?

“The Spirit” — looks familiar, eh?

Of course, like me, a lot of the Lone Ranger was originally in black and white, but when he did come out in colour, his blue was a fadey-blue colour (like a desert sky) and not so much that rich blue these Spirit/Shadow guys seem to have.

So it can’t be that folks are confusing all these different ones with The Lone Ranger, but maybe thinking more deeply about (cowboy-type) heroes in general.  We can slap a new skin on the same old attributes, but we still recognize the basic hero and what he stands for underneath.

It was interesting reading today to find out that the original Lone Ranger actually had a whole hero philosophy detailed by writer Fran Striker. The actors Clayton Moore (Ranger) and Jay Silverheels (Tonto) extended that thinking beyond their acting and into their real lives, trying to model good stuff for kids, both on the screen and off.

I believe…

  • That to have a friend, a man must be one.
  • That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this a better world.
  • That God put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself.
  • In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for what is right.
  • That a man should make the most of what equipment he has.
  • That ‘this government of the people, by the people, and for the people’ shall live always.
  • That men should live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number.
  • That sooner or later…somewhere…somehow…we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.
  • That all things change but truth, and that truth alone, lives on forever.
  • In my Creator, my country, my fellow man.

But then @JanWeb3 threw a little wrinkle at us. Not only is this Ranger not a man, but he ain’t carrying no shooting’ guns.

GiveMeLand Ranger by @JanWeb3

GiveMeLand Ranger by @JanWeb3

And then I saw this post circulating on Twitter — and my brain started to go all expanding about how our types of heroes are being challenged these days.

What To Do When You’re Not the Hero Anymore: From Mad Max to Finn, This Year’s Heroes Looked More Like Us by Laurie Penny @pennyred

You should read THAT post and then ponder some.


Did You Know?

Did you know that the Lone Ranger’s true Ranger name was John Reid, and in some shows he had a nephew called Dan Reid, Jr, and that when Dan Reid, Jr. had kids, one of them became Britt Reid, who turned out to be The Green Hornet (‘truth!) but with Kato instead of Tonto and a Black Beauty instead of a white Silver?  If that isn’t remixing, by the comic book industry, then I don’t know what is.

And let’s not even get started on how the most favourite and most famous superhero of these days times called Batman was coming home from watching a movie of Zorro when his parents were killed which made him into the Batman when he grew up. Plus, it was funny when The Green Hornet and Kato were in Gotham and talked to Batman and Robin when they were doing a Bat-Climb.


Make some Art, bub! Giddy-up!

August 2013 GIF Challenge #15: GIF Fight! Superman 80s Toys Son of Krypton Puppet Theatre


THIS is the source picture for making a GIFFight! GIF. Good luck!

WELL! Have I every been busy! Not making GIFs (as I guess you may have figured), but living my life again, free and out of that silly box and away from that @Puppetmaster106 and his minion @AneuwegCentSix. More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, another #GIFFight! is upon us! So today’s challenge is to respond to the latest image on the GIFFight tumbler site, 80s Toy Smackdown, which will be based on the prompt image shown to the left: #ds106 entries in response to the GIFFight! prompts fall into the Animated GIF Assignment 1190, “GIF Fight!” 


Well, you might ask yourself, “What in the name of all that is GIF-able am I to do with that?”
Well, that is your challenge.

Here is what I made out of it. What will you do?

"Superman Puppet Theatre" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Superman Puppet Theatre” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

What Did I Do to Make this GIF?

Well, I had to do the following things.

  1. copied part of the image as a background and extended both the sky and the ground using the Clone Tool.
  2. enhanced the colours in the puppet theatre background
  3. added a window in the backdrop and a puppet theatre header/sign
  4. sourced a Superman logo to use on the puppet theatre header and added the text using the text tool
  5. matched the water to the colour of the blue in the Superman logo.
  6. used the Quick Selection tool and the Magic Wand tool and the Eraser tool to isolate Superman, and later, Batman and Robin in the Batmobile.
  7. Added my @iamTalkyTina behind (below) the background layer (with the window) so that my face could peek out.
  8. added strings to the first frame, attaching the Superman action figure to my hand (hidden)
  9. made multiple copies of the initial frame, adjusting the location of the Tina, Superman, string, and Batmobile layers to provide the animation. Three copies of the Superman/Strings groups allowed Superman to rock back and forth as I moved the string.
  10. Once the GIF was closed to being finished, I added a return transition back to the first frame. It didn’t seem right to have the GIF flow forwards and backwards, so I put in a series of restore frames to get back to the first one.  That basically involves reducing the opacity of the layers in the last few frames, and increasing the opacity of the layers in the first frame.

Plus, because Tumblr only works with GIFs that are a maximum of 500 pixels wide, I made a 500 pixel version, but that version is so far still fighting with Tumblr to get posted.

Fighting with the Tumblr

UPDATE: So I did a little search on the Google for “animated GIF requirements for tumblr” and found a post called “GIF Requirements in Tumblr” that says the following about maintaining GIF animations when posting to Tumblr.

  • GIF can be no wider that 500 pixels to maintain animation
  • GIF can be no longer than 700 pixels or it will be resized down
  • GIF can be no larger than 512 KB to maintain animation.

In this case, my GIF at 500 pixels wide met the length requirement at 667 pixels long, but the file size of this version was too large. I changed the depth from 256 colours down to 128 colours, and now the file size of the new file is 482.8 KB, and it is still generating an error when I try to post it.

So I will go back to the Google for a different article. Maybe I have to cross my fingers when I push the Publish button on Tumblr? Or stand with Tumblr at the top of some stairs or something.

So now it is time for you to enter the GIF Fight! Remember it is NOT a hurting fight. It is a nice fight for Friends with fun and GIFs. Make some good Art GIFs bub for your internal GIF Chi. Keep your GIF Chi strong!

Well, bye!


Well! Let this just be a lesson to all those #pretenderTinas out there.

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me ...

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me …

This here @iamTalkyTina can set a fright to a man if he’s not prepared. The Dynamic Duo got mistaken and climbed up the side of my house with their batropes and happened upon me in the middle of the night while I was doing my scrapbooking again.

Boy, when they saw me, they weren’t prepared and I guess they just lit out like they were spooked by some Arkham inmate or something! For Batman and Robin Running Scared.

Anyway, you bub #pretenderTinas better be ready to rumble tomorrow night. I’m ready for you. I’m ready for you all!