Well! Let this just be a lesson to all those #pretenderTinas out there.

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me ...

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me …

This here @iamTalkyTina can set a fright to a man if he’s not prepared. The Dynamic Duo got mistaken and climbed up the side of my house with their batropes and happened upon me in the middle of the night while I was doing my scrapbooking again.

Boy, when they saw me, they weren’t prepared and I guess they just lit out like they were spooked by some Arkham inmate or something! For Batman and Robin Running Scared.

Anyway, you bub #pretenderTinas better be ready to rumble tomorrow night. I’m ready for you. I’m ready for you all!

2 thoughts on “You BETTER Run!

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  2. iamTalkyTina Post author

    It was funny that Mr. Paul made my GIF into a re-mix commercial Public Service Announcement for being afraid of dolls! Who ever knew that there was a psychiatric condition for being afraid of dolls? That is just silly! (But not if you have it, I guess!)

    Maybe this explains why lots of people seem to use the Mean Word with me — maybe they just have the doll-fear thing. I guess that is why @cogdog keeps pretending to ignore me, because he said he was afraid of dolls, and why Mr. Savvy keeps saying the Mean Word so much. But I only played one on TV. I thought people could see past the cover of a book and into the theme between the words.

    Plus, did you see what Mr. Paul did in the Uncanny Valley?

    Well, bye!


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