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The Sign of a True Friend. Badges!

After reading last night of the pitiable plea for help sent out by my True Friend Ol’ Hatchet Jack (and after I immediately responded, as True Friends do), my little mind got to thinking …

Some of my other True Friends might benefit from having their own TalkyTina-certified badge, too!

So I am making Badges for all of my True Friends, just like the one I made for Ol’ Hatchet Jack.

Here are the first two that I have made, because I think both Cogdog and JimGroom are True Friends.

Badge for CogDog

Badge for CogDog


Jim Groom's Badge

Badge for Jim Groom

Do you want to be my True Friend?  If you ARE one of my True Friends, I will make you a badge.

Apply Here.  As of May 25th, requirements for True Friend certification have changed. Please see the details provided on the page Apply to Be a True Friend.

I thank you for applying, but only True Friends will be contacted and provided with their official badge.