Hello to my New Friends (and my True Friends)

It’s the beginning of Mr. Groom‘s summer version of ds106 and he is doing it ALL ABOUT THE TWILIGHT ZONE! It is called ds106zone That is so neat! I like that and Mr. Groom is one of my True Friends. (You can see his badge on my True Friends Index page. Apply for yours today.)

I was up working on my scrapbook, and I realized that I hadn’t done my introduction photo and post for my New Friends, and so I took a picture and posted it to my Flickr account. Here it is.

“Midnight Scrapbooking” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

I’m going to use this picture for both the Monday and the Tuesday The Daily Create assignments, too. — I hope that my True Friends won’t think too badly of me for doing that. It’s NOT cheating! And I’m not a cheater.

So, for Monday, I was supposed to take a picture of myself to introduce little ol’ me to the new summer ds106 students. The rest of you (especially those of you who have signed up for your True Friends badges) know who I am already. Or you better. But for my New Friends, I am @iamTalkyTina. And The Twilight Zone is one of my favourite shows, because I worked for Mr. Rod Serling back in 1963 on a special episode called Living Doll. I have lots of friends in The Twilight Zone. So this is my photo for #tdc498 “Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class.” Hello, New Friends!!!

And for Tuesday, #tdc499 “Take a picture of where you are right now from a weird point of view, like an ant, an alien, or a ghost.” Well, I hope that ant comment isn’t about my height, but like I said, I just happened to be up at midnight working on my scrapbook when I remembered The Daily Create and so I took this selfie in the hallway. I didn’t seen any aliens or any ghosts, bub.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all of your wonderful work, both from my New Friends and my True Friends.
Remember, some say True Friends are #4life, but really the True Friends are #4ever. If they aren’t really True Friends, then the friendship ends at the end of their life.

Bye!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hello to my New Friends (and my True Friends)

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Dear Talky Tina:

    I love your scrapbooking photo–it’s a great shot with beautiful shadows. It is just a bit scary, though. But since I am now a True Friend I am pretty sure that you are actually very nice and not scary at all. Right?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      You are SOOO right, True Friend. It was all a big misunderstanding ever since I did that Living Doll episode of The Twilight Zone way back in 1963. Just because I played the role of a caring, diminutive-yet-assertive, feminine figure who stood up tall for her True Friend against a doll-hating evil Man-bully who finally-got-what-he-deserved especially after he put me in the garbage can and then put my head in a vise and then tried to cut my head off with a cross-cut saw (I did my own stunts back in the day, that was no stand-in, that blade hurt) and so I just helped to see that justice was done in the end and it was his own fault so there. Anyway, there are some people who STILL think that I am really a doll and that call me creepy. Just not to my face. No one calls me creepy to my face. No one has EVER gone away saying they called me creepy to my face. But yes, I like to have Friends, and True Friends are the best! I hope you have fun looking at some of the projects I have on my blog, like the Valentine I made because #ds106 is #4life but True Friends are #4ever.

      But why is my photo scary? Did I make a mean face? I don’t think so. And yes, I am very nice to my True Friends. No True Friend would ever say otherwise. I make sure to remind them of that.

      Well. Thanks for being a True Friend. You can tell all the other girls now that I’m not so scary, okay?

      1. Christina Hendricks

        Hi Talky Tina:

        Sorry sorry to be late in replying…somehow I never got an email with your reply. I’ll try to fix that now.

        Why is the photo scary? Well, maybe if you don’t want people to say you are creepy (which I don’t say, of course, because I am a True Friend) you could think about not having big shadows behind you with scissors in your hand. They make it look like maybe you’re out to get someone with those razor-sharp blades, like that awful man who tried to kill you.

        But I know you were just using those for scrapbooking, like you said. And you’d never hurt anyone with any sharp implements. Because you’re nice.

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