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@timmmmyboy’s DS106 Goes to the Movies

"DS106 Goes to the Movies" generator by @timmmmyboy

“DS106 Goes to the Movies” plot category generator by @timmmmyboy

You can read about how @timmmmyboy made a thing like Netflix has on his blog called DS106 Goes to the Movies that gives you search categories for movies that you want to watch, except that @timmmmyboy‘s one makes fake movie categories that are a jumbled-up of real categories. They are funny. And you can make your own, just by loading the page.

Plus, then you can write the elevator for it to go along with it so people will want to watch it more. Just click SUBMIT after you do, and people can listen to your pitch (well, they have to read it!). Plus, it has a Tweet button so you can put it on the Twitter. And it automatically says #ds106 tag to save you time so you can make even more of them.

These are ones that I made for my digital identity attribution of it. Here, on my blog, for history.


Eva and long-time guy pal D launch into a joyous adventure, set on an interstellar cruise ship, produced by everyone’s favourite maniacal musical director, MB. They sing & dance their way in and out of trouble, managing to save Uncle Jim & the kids.


Put on your PJs, dress your favourite 18-inch action figure in the Ninja attire, and cuddle up with popcorn and the kids, as you enjoy an entertaining evening of surveillance, dead drops, and other tradecraft with everyone’s favourite little agent!


In what turned out to be his final film, aging Bava biographer James G. Room splices together all the toned-down scary bits from the Italian Giallo films suitable for elderly viewers and shares them in one 146-minute long, mindbending nightmare GIF.


Davey and his favourite dog Goliath team up with YouTube’s Claycat in the Christian reboot of Butch Catsady and His Son, Dog and a Kid, with Claycat in the Paul Newman role and Goliath in playing His Son, Dog, and Davey as a Kid. High Mass at noon!!


Kermit & Tina star in a remake of Hitchcock’s classic thriller, “The 39 Steps.” Returning to novelist Buchanan’s original take on “steps,” the final climatic scene with Tina and Miss Piggy, high on the cliffs of the Scottish shoreline, thrills all!!


I think that @timmmmyboy made a fun thing that is a fun thing to do, and you should do it too. So just link on over there to @timmmmyboy‘s DS106 Goes to the Movies generator and make us some art, bub.

Well, bye!

Hello to my New Friends (and my True Friends)

It’s the beginning of Mr. Groom‘s summer version of ds106 and he is doing it ALL ABOUT THE TWILIGHT ZONE! It is called ds106zone That is so neat! I like that and Mr. Groom is one of my True Friends. (You can see his badge on my True Friends Index page. Apply for yours today.)

I was up working on my scrapbook, and I realized that I hadn’t done my introduction photo and post for my New Friends, and so I took a picture and posted it to my Flickr account. Here it is.

“Midnight Scrapbooking” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

I’m going to use this picture for both the Monday and the Tuesday The Daily Create assignments, too. — I hope that my True Friends won’t think too badly of me for doing that. It’s NOT cheating! And I’m not a cheater.

So, for Monday, I was supposed to take a picture of myself to introduce little ol’ me to the new summer ds106 students. The rest of you (especially those of you who have signed up for your True Friends badges) know who I am already. Or you better. But for my New Friends, I am @iamTalkyTina. And The Twilight Zone is one of my favourite shows, because I worked for Mr. Rod Serling back in 1963 on a special episode called Living Doll. I have lots of friends in The Twilight Zone. So this is my photo for #tdc498 “Welcome to the ds106zone! Take a photo that introduces yourself to the class.” Hello, New Friends!!!

And for Tuesday, #tdc499 “Take a picture of where you are right now from a weird point of view, like an ant, an alien, or a ghost.” Well, I hope that ant comment isn’t about my height, but like I said, I just happened to be up at midnight working on my scrapbook when I remembered The Daily Create and so I took this selfie in the hallway. I didn’t seen any aliens or any ghosts, bub.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all of your wonderful work, both from my New Friends and my True Friends.
Remember, some say True Friends are #4life, but really the True Friends are #4ever. If they aren’t really True Friends, then the friendship ends at the end of their life.

Bye!! 🙂

Discrimination. But I’m Not Bitter

Not too bitter.

Well, yes. I am bitter. 

Why couldn’t they have hired ME for The Sound of Music, instead of that Julie!

I knew there was a reason I left all those photos locked away in that box and didn’t open them for decades. Too many bad memories! But then I took out that Black Sunday photo (I liked that one) and then ol’ Hatchet Jack made that nice flowers picture which reminded me of testing for The Sound of Music.

And then I found these other screen test shots with the rest of the cast.

from the "So Long" scene, with me standing on the floor.

from the “So Long” scene, with me standing on the floor.

When we tried that, they said I looked like one of the kids.

The "So Long" scene, with me standing on a box, beside Chris Plummer.

The “So Long” scene, with me standing on a box, beside Chris Plummer.

They weren’t too keen on that shot, either. They said it looked like I was standing on a box. Which I was, but still, it wasn’t nice to say that.

We then tried this shot outside, and I thought it turned out very well. The way we were staring into one another’s eyes, I think the love connection between the characters was nicely captured.

My screen test outside on the patio with the rest of the cast of The Sound of Music.

My screen test outside on the patio with the rest of the cast of The Sound of Music.

But the next day, when Chris Plummer complained that his neck was aching, after that Julie had arrived, and then she went over and started rubbing his neck, I kind of got the message that they were going do discriminated against me because I am height efficient.

What a disappointment. That film could have re-launched my career. And in a good way, too.

Still Nice and Wholesome, Just Not Seen That Way

After I wrote about my screen test for Mario Bava and his film Black Sunday back in 1960, and posted a still photo from that test, my dear friend ol’ Hatchet Jack made a beautiful piece of artwork  and shared it with the world for all to see. I was quite taken aback. That ol Hatchet Jack certainly has gotten over the severe trouncing I gave him in Roshambo.

But I am not one to gloat.

Here is the picture he made of me. And he said some nice words about me too.

A beautiful picture of me, made by my friend, ‘ol Hatchet Jack

This immediately reminded me of another film I tried out for, shortly after my famous role in that Twilight Zone  episode (the one that made me typecast for life as a cute-little-doll-that-kills) , where I would have run through a mountain meadow, laughing and singing with other children.

Now, again, I’m not one to harp on the same old issue over and over again, but they did finally give the role to someone who was taller than me (by a head or three), but I still think you can imagine my beautiful voice ringing throughout the mountain meadows just as prettily has hers, and I could have shot the kissing scenes with Captain von Trapp using some lifts or maybe standing on a little box or something. Or camera angles. I would have just had to be careful not to stand too close to Gretl (or especially Liesl) when I was giving her matronly advice. It would have worked.

Anyway, I tested for the role on a Tuesday, and that Julie girl showed up the next day, saw my screen test, and went ahead and down-right mimicked me, in style and pose and everything.

Jinxed by Julie, another screen test photo, this from  1965 (animated GIF by iamTalkyTina)

Jinxed by Julie, another screen test photo, this from 1965 (animated GIF by iamTalkyTina)

AND SHE GOT THE ROLE! Can you believe it???

I still think my beautiful red, flowing locks were much nicer than her Joan-of-Arc-I’m-a-nun-hack-job haircut.

I did enjoy hanging out in Austria that summer, though. Although when they offered me a bit part as the lonely goatherd’s love interest, I told them to shove it!  Sheesh!