The #ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 1 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas

WELL!! That was quite an adventure! I had such great fun making this LoDown podcast #34 for all of my Friends, and it was a lot of work getting it ready for my time on #ds106radio. It was nice that my Friends were patient with me getting on the radio because I had to install Nicecast at the last minute and found out that I didn’t have the LAME thing working on my Audacity (lame, huh?) and so I had to make the sounds go right from Audacity to NiceCast and then I had to mix over to iTunes where I had my closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” ready to play which was a good thing because when Audacity crashed then the last part of my show was missing so I just switched over to the song and it was a bit like @jimgroom audio people said which was funny but I was sad that the Rumble had to wait for tomorrow night same TINA time, same TINA channel (#ds106radio, tomorrow night! be there!)

So, here is the recording (with a tiny little edit where the Rumble was supposed to go) and the closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” song at the end.

I hope you like it!

Well, Bye!

2 thoughts on “The #ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 1 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, Christina, I must say that it was a little bit of audio tricks that the #ds106zone was playing on me during the broadcast plus just regular #ds106radio futzing and some @jimgroom audio issues thrown in for good measure.

      If I say the whole story, my Audacity had crashed and it couldn’t find LAME encoder thingy anymore and so I was having troubles making mp3 so I had to play the show from Audacity but I had to make NiceCast get connected and then when I tried to switch to iTunes to play the end song when the Rumble broke it I stopped Audacity and that made everything go quiet even iTunes so I had to start Audacity again and then it was still playing when the song was so yeah @jimgroom audio futz-fest, but IT WAS WITH FRIENDS!!


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