What Does it Look Like to Have a #thoughtvector?

"Steve Martin Having a Thought Vector" image found on the Internet

“Steve Martin Sharing a Thought Vector” image found on the Internet

So, in addition to being the person who told one of my favourite jokes a long time ago that mentioned googol first before Google spelled it wrong (punch line, “ Hey, maybe it’s the needle!“), Steve Martin used to share visible #thoughtvectors in his head during his stand up routine. That is what it looked like in the picture above.

My True Friend Bill (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) shared with me a link to a picture of what his thoughtvectors looked like today.

I am working on my picture of what it looks like when I share my #thoughtvectors. I will share it here on my blog when it is done.

But I am wondering if this is like a kind of mini-Assignment for #thoughtvectors people, and whether other people might want to be sharing a picture of themselves having #thoughtvectors? Maybe it could even be a GIF of them sharing #thoughtvectors like mine will be?

2 thoughts on “What Does it Look Like to Have a #thoughtvector?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, I think that would be a noisy thing. But when they were pecking at the inside of your head trying to get out, that might make holes in your skull like some #thoughtvectors do.

      Plus, I wrote a long comment on your blog about how the other days would make a song to go along with it!


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