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Tina Made Groom

So, rather than making smack-talking like @jimgroom or just making a link on the Internet, I made some Art!

I hope you like my Art, Mr. @jimgroom.  Your turn!

You can sing along with the lyrics! Here they are!

Who Made Groom?
lyrics by @iamTalkyTina
based on that song that @jimgroom said, Who Made Who by AC/DC

The Animated GIF, she play me.
Place it, on the blog post, but it take you
every time on a frame-by-frame.
Feeling running down your spine.
Nothing gonna take your 1-0-6 Creating, cause it own you,
Through and through

The MOOCs they all know my number.
Askin’ me for help cause I made the grade last year.
Feel it when I post my blog posts,
‘Casting ’round the world.
There ain’t a thing that we can’t do,
ds106 and you!

Who made Groom, Who made Groom?
Tina made Groom, ain’t nobody told you?
Who made Groom, Who made Groom?
Tina made Groom and Groom made you
Tina played in the ds106zone, and who made her?

– Yeah, I guess that’s a little bit of a mystery ….

Tina made Groom, @iamTalkyTina, she made Groom

Someone send me Art, bub.
Get it in the DS,
To the 106,
On the radio.
Hear it going round the world.
No runnin’ out of GIFs, nothin’ but #4life, in the EST.
We don’t stop now!

(CHORUS repeats)

Well, I hope you liked my song as much as I had making it for you.

Now it is your turn to go and make some Art, bub!


Well, bye!

Less Smacktalk, More Art

I think this little conversation says it all …



After that, Mr. @jimgroom then linked to a video called Who Made Who with bad words and people blowing up trucks with rockets and stuff. It was very violent.

UPDATE: After a little bit of work, I made a little response: Tina Made Groom

UPDATE 30 June: After I posted Tina Made Groom, there was a bit of an Internet Pause, while I’m sure @jimgroom was taken aback (I could hear his intake of breath from here, and I know he felt a chill run up his spine at least three times) and then he capitulated and said UNCLE.

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says "UNCLE"

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says “UNCLE”

In recognition of this humbling moment for him, and to help him keep in his place in future times, I have updated his badge with the UNCLE status badge, as a reminder against further grumbling and challenges. I think now UNCLE @jimgroom will be a respectful True Friend to me. That is good!

And NOW, c’mon Friends, let’s just Make Some Art, bub!