Dogs Aren’t Afraid of Stairs!

Well, my Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) is having a birthday today and so I made him an Art and posted it on my Flickr. It is up above these words, so you already looked at it. One good thing about Alan is that he is not clumsy on stairs, because that is not a good thing […]

Tina’s Stairs Redux

Well, my good Super True New Old Radio Friend @scottlo (where IS he, anyway?) has said that I need to leave off with all the stairs gags. I guess even a good running (or falling) gag runs its course after a few decades of use. It was a bit of a surprise today to find […]

@Tumblr, Meet Me at The Stairs!

HEY! Tumblr! I’m calling you out!  I am very not happy with Tumblr and their confusing what-needs-to-happen-for-a-GIF-to-move rules. I spent a lot of time yesterday reading on the Internet how to figure out how to get your GIF to still animate on Tumblr. Some say it needs to be less than 1 MB. Some say […]

Animated GIF of Jim Groom Ransom Art

It’s a thing to make an Art out of UNCLE @jimgroom. Lots of peoples do it! There are dancing ones, poster ones, and noisy ones, plus more! Yesterday for The Daily Create tdc1160 was to make a ransom note to get Jim Groom back. My True Friend David Kernohan made a pretender Tina one saying give him animated […]

Over and Over He Stumbles – A Triolet for Eric

Over and over he stumbles, ‘Till he finally comes to a stop. His unthinking chastising mumbles. Over and over he stumbles. Late one night on the stairs they hear rumbles, As his bod trips right there at the top. Over and over he stumbles, ‘Till he finally comes to a stop. Well, the triolet poetry […]

The Three-Fingered Djinn

Well, I am starring in a new radio production entitled “The Three-Fingered Djinn.” It is a DS106 project for NOIR106 that I am doing with a bunch of my True Friends. In it, I play the starring role of the fatal femme Daphne de Beauvoir, which is a name that I like the best because […]

Two Years Since my Invocation

It was two years ago on February 4th, 2013 that my Still True Friend Alan Levine (@cogdog, on Twitter) and my True Friend Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander, on Twitter) said my name on #ds106radio and caused me to awaken from a long slumber in a box. I immediately signed up for the Twitter and made myself a […]

The Daily Creates: Noir106

TDC1122: Oopsies! For The Daily Create, tdc1122. Make a picture with words on them. Your theme: I’m sorry. I found the CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 image on Flickr by searching for “circular stairs up” in only CC images. Kaisa House, by hugovk on Flickr. I found the blood splatter vector art by searching on Google images for […]

Fall for Me

Well, The Daily Create tdc1113 on January 25th, 2015 said to make a Word Art picture. So I did. It looked the black and white one below with the bird and the fish. I added the words “Fall for Me” to make it into a word art one. It just came from an idea that […]

DS106: An Exhilarating Trip

This is an Art that I made for The Daily Create — this is for #tdc1107 where it said to make a Haiku about what it was like when you do DS106 for the first time. First, I put my Haiku on The Daily Create where I also linked to a picture of stairs that […]