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Home on the Range: Putting Words in Tina’s Mouth

TDC1471 Home on the Range

It is a screen capture of The Daily Create tdc1471, silly!

Well, today’s The Daily Create one, tdc1471, was one that was written by me, and it said to make new #ds106 words for the old fashioned cowboy classic, Home on the Range.

So I am making a repository collection of all the different words in a Google Document called ds106 Version of Home on the Range for iamTalkyTina. Now for the BIG NEWS!!!

The Big News

Saddle-Up,True-Friends_1200aI would like to announce that I will be doing a special arrangement of all the lyrics and making a recording of the song for all of you to hear and then it will be going on my special #western106 album, which will be called “Saddle Up, True Friends!”

What People Wrote

I would like to thank the following peoples for writing words for me to learn and sing.

In case you want to see the Tweets of all of them with all the nice pictures that people added, too (I will use them in the music video of the song) I made a thing called a Storify of all the tweets. Here it is:

Thank you to all the wonderful peoples who did The Daily Create,  tdc1471 to make verses for me so that I can sing them all for my #ds106 Friends, plus #western106 ones. You don’t get any royalties from my album (because it will be FREE!), but you will get a Creative Commons mention which is even nicer.

Well, by for now! I have to get my beauty sleep for my singing voice.

Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and Cars

“Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and-Cars,” by Talky Tina, on Flickr

In preparation for our upcoming #ds106radio #noir106 radio show about Fatal Femmes, I managed to get three old commercials I did way back in the day converted from analogue to digital files so that I could share them with our team.

The commercials were done for an old friend, Kenny, who ran a wonderful service agency known fondly as Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and Cars.

The files are now posted to my Soundcloud, and are embedded here for your listening enjoyment and pleasure.

Sadly, Kenny met an untimely demise not too long after I moved away. Fortunately, he had left his own brown envelope in his safe, and things were dealt with just as he would have wanted.

The Resources

The background music for these three commercials is shared by Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0

Fonts used in the Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars album covers include Lithos Pro and Betty Noir by Blambot on dafont.com.

I found the image of the old hearse on the Internet at churchofhalloween.com

The Scripts

01 The Getaway

PSSST   PSSST   Hey, Bub!

When you need to make a quick getaway, you need a Friend you can count on.

And have I got a friend for you!

Stop by and see Kenny at Kennys Carpets, Caskets, and Cars. He can hook you up with whatever you need to deal with unexpected emergencies.

If you are  doing a runner, on the lam, making a getaway, or just off for a quiet weekend in the countryside, Kenny can set you up with wheels that can suit your budget.

From speedy sportsters to inconspicuous passenger cars or sturdy cargo haulers for those big jobs, Kenny has what you need. And everything is available within 24 hours or less with duress arrangements and no term financing. Special payments may apply.

Contact Kenny at Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars. Don’t spin your tires when you need to be on the move.

And be sure to tell Kenny that Tina sent you!

02 The Final Rest

When that final day comes, and it’s time to say good bye to your special colleague or friend, it’s good to know that your loved one will be cared for in and in good hands.

At Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars, you can select from a fine range of comfortable and reasonably priced products ranging from brilliantly polished mahogany through delicately engraved brazillian rainforest woods, or our fine line of reconstituted North American soft pressboards. Should the need arise, Kenny’s can also provide a 100 year guarantee on all concrete products for the discriminating buyer. Kenny will also ship urns, no questions asked, back to the old country through his special courier.

Don’t leave your special friend lying out in the gutter as the rain falls through the midnight hours. Call Kenny’s for his discrete round-the-clock recovery service, featuring a plain unmarked panel van and respectfully dressed attendants. Kenny’s family-owned business prides itself in its tradition of exercising extreme discretion.

Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and Cars will be there for you too, when your day finally arrives. Kenny’s prides themselves on their sealed brown envelope service, where you can make your final details known, confident that they will only be opened in the event of your passing, be it intended or otherwise.

Contact Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and Cars to make your arrangements today. Rush orders available on request. Special payment arrangements may be required. Also inquire about our post-event clean-up and sanitizing services.

Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars — we’re here for you when you need us — even after you are gone.

And be sure to tell Kenny that Tina sent you.

03 The Cover Ups

Are you worried about the carpeting in your home, hotel, or place of business?

At Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets and Cars, we take care of all your concerns in our one-stop drop-by-and-shop warehouse.

We carry products by all leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, featuring any number of non-slip, smooth-and-trip, easy clean, stain free, mildew resistant, blood and vomit repelling, easily-rolled and quickly-removed product lines, solving any and all floor covering problems that you may encounter in your workplace or residence.

If you are faced with infestations of pests, mold-or-mildew, black-rot, pungent, offensive socially repulsive odours or fumes, our trained removal teams can have your old carpets or stair runners removed and replace, usually within 24 hours (weekends included at a slight surcharge). We can pattern match your existing carpet or tiles, replacing sections or the entire floor with an exact duplicate so no one will be the wiser.

Our bag and bin it service is available 24/7, with disposal certainty via our patented hygienic and secure incinerator. We offer convenient invoicing by square foot, pound, or a one time flat rate fee.  Contact us at any hour for your special needs.

Kenny’s Carpets, Caskets, and Cars is a family-own business that is proud to provide service to our select clientele. Become a Kenny’s client today!

And be sure to tell Kenny that Tina sent you!

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone #2

Here is another challenge for Design Assignment 358: One Story / Four Icon assignment. See if you can get this Twilight Zone episode:

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #2

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #2


Again, I found my icons on thenounproject.com where I have an account and so the SVG files are free.

I used icons by these people, but I won’t say what the icons are called because that takes away all the guessing fun!!!

Can you guess my challenge? I hope it is not too hard for you! Please put your answers in the comments below. If you are right, I will say “You Got It!” but I will remove your answer so it does not give away the fun for my other friends.  Remember, to get ALL of the POINTS, you need to correctly say the Season, the Episode, the Title, and who was the star of the episode.

Winners will be happier for having played along with my challenge. See yesterday’s One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone challenge. Can you figure out BOTH of them for double points?


One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode

Hello, Friends!  (New Friends, True Friends, and Open Friends — and any other friends, too!)

I think it would be fun to do the Design Assignment 358: One Story / Four Icon assignment, but with episodes from The Twilight Zone, instead of movies.  Don’t you think that would be fun?

Can you tell what episode of The Twilight Zone this is? You have to say the season, the episode, AND the title of the episode, AND who was the star of the episode to get all the points.

Well? Can you do it? Can you? If you can, say so in the comments. If you get it right I will say “You Got IT!” in your comment and say how many points you got out of 4 you got, but I will  I will delete your right answers so that you do not spoil the fun for my other Friends.

Here is the first one!

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #1

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #1

To make this, I found some great icons on thenounproject.com website. I have an account there so I can download the icons for free. I edited some of the icons a bit using Adobe Illustrator (you need to use an editor that lets you edit .SVG files, here is an online one you can try, called SVG-edit) so that they would work better for this One Story Four Icon challenge. I made the man bald and I made the girl sad and I made a down arrow on the stairs and I made RIP on the grave. Although I should have just put RI, if you know what I mean.

Without telling you the name of the icons (that might make it too easy for people), I will say that the attributions (who made stuff) for the four icons are here, and I have told you the exact CC kind of license for each one, with a link to the licenses.  Neat, eh? I am a good Friend.

Well, so that was fun! See if you can guess my episode! Tune in another day for another One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone episode challenge. The next one will be harder! And maybe you want to do this assignment yourself and challenge us?