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One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone #3

Hello, Friends!

I am fine! Thank you for thinking about me and asking on the Twitter. I have been busy with some little projects that are fun for me.

Like this. Here is another challenge!! Can you guess which episode this is? And the season? And the episode number? And who was the “star” of this episode?

Remember, if you want to be the winner, you have to say all four answers. If you only say some, then you will not be the winner, like David and Ben who did not get all of the answers last time but Christina did, so she won.  Remember, I will not let you spoil it for others, but I will tell you “You Got It” and tell you your score so you know where you stack up.

Okay! Ready?  Here it is.

"One Story / Four Icon Challenge #3

“One Story / Four Icon Challenge #3

Let the games begin!!!

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone #2

Here is another challenge for Design Assignment 358: One Story / Four Icon assignment. See if you can get this Twilight Zone episode:

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #2

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #2


Again, I found my icons on thenounproject.com where I have an account and so the SVG files are free.

I used icons by these people, but I won’t say what the icons are called because that takes away all the guessing fun!!!

Can you guess my challenge? I hope it is not too hard for you! Please put your answers in the comments below. If you are right, I will say “You Got It!” but I will remove your answer so it does not give away the fun for my other friends.  Remember, to get ALL of the POINTS, you need to correctly say the Season, the Episode, the Title, and who was the star of the episode.

Winners will be happier for having played along with my challenge. See yesterday’s One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone challenge. Can you figure out BOTH of them for double points?


One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode

Hello, Friends!  (New Friends, True Friends, and Open Friends — and any other friends, too!)

I think it would be fun to do the Design Assignment 358: One Story / Four Icon assignment, but with episodes from The Twilight Zone, instead of movies.  Don’t you think that would be fun?

Can you tell what episode of The Twilight Zone this is? You have to say the season, the episode, AND the title of the episode, AND who was the star of the episode to get all the points.

Well? Can you do it? Can you? If you can, say so in the comments. If you get it right I will say “You Got IT!” in your comment and say how many points you got out of 4 you got, but I will  I will delete your right answers so that you do not spoil the fun for my other Friends.

Here is the first one!

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #1

One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode Challenge #1

To make this, I found some great icons on thenounproject.com website. I have an account there so I can download the icons for free. I edited some of the icons a bit using Adobe Illustrator (you need to use an editor that lets you edit .SVG files, here is an online one you can try, called SVG-edit) so that they would work better for this One Story Four Icon challenge. I made the man bald and I made the girl sad and I made a down arrow on the stairs and I made RIP on the grave. Although I should have just put RI, if you know what I mean.

Without telling you the name of the icons (that might make it too easy for people), I will say that the attributions (who made stuff) for the four icons are here, and I have told you the exact CC kind of license for each one, with a link to the licenses.  Neat, eh? I am a good Friend.

Well, so that was fun! See if you can guess my episode! Tune in another day for another One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone episode challenge. The next one will be harder! And maybe you want to do this assignment yourself and challenge us?