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tdc614: The Emissary

"The Emissary" animated GIF, by @iamTalkyTina

“The Emissary” animated GIF, by @iamTalkyTina

The Daily Create for September 13 tdc614 asks us to “design a greeting card or post card from an alien race using a Hubble Space Telescope image.”

Of course, why stop with a static image when with a little more effort, you can make a GIF?

The photo that you see here is the Mystic Mountain of the Carina Nebula which you can find your own picture of on the Internet at this location on redditrewind.com.

MY spacesuit looks an awful lot like the one seen on the Internet in lots of places — I lost mine years ago so I can neither confirm or deny if they are photos of my original suit.

If you want a computer font like the one in the greeting from afar, you might try the one on Fontspace.com called  Computer Pixel-7 by Style-7 — it looks like this, though back in the day, it had a glowing green look to it!  The font is just in black and white.

Computer-7 Font by Style-7 available on Fontspace.com

Computer Pixel-7 Font by Style-7 available on Fontspace.com

It was nice to reminisce! And the Hubble takes a nice pic, don’t you think?

Well, bye!

August 2013 GIF Challenge #2: Dancing Jim All Over the World

As soon as I saw this one in the Assignment Bank, I just knew this had to be next on the agenda for the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge.

UPDATE: Click on the GIF to hear Jim’s dance music! (Thanks, John!)

"The Jim Groom Horror Picture Show" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“The Jim Groom Horror Picture Show” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

I’ve been expecting a lot from our dear UNCLE @jimgroom over the past while, and am still waiting for him to address his significant Art Lack. Todd kept saying, “No Art from Groom” over and over, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I got a good enough feed from his blog to confirm that the Art Lack remains significant. However, despite the Art Lack, UNCLE @jimgroom has been posting a lot of writing bavatuesdays.com recently, and he makes some compelling cases for a whole bunch of stuff that is worth reading. So even though the Art Lack continues, his brain seems to be working okay. So there is that.

But he does need to crawl back out and Make some More Art, bub.

My True Friend John Johnston has rocked the Assignment Bank with Animated GIF Assignment 1001: Dancing Jim All Over the World — but so far only 2 ds106ers have shown the assignment some love. So the ds106 Community needs to step up and address that!

While I had thoughts of doing a “Where the Hell is Jim?” with Jim dancing in all the locations Matt does, in the end I decided to do an animated poster to celebrate Jim’s enthusiasm for #ds106.

I found some art for the original Rocky Horror Picture Show on the Google images. I had the greatest success searching fontspace.com for fonts with the tag “blood” and in the end selected Rocky AOE by the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute as the best match for my poster.

I also tidied up John’s original dancing jim groom template file by removing vestiges of the microphone chord — now the Bava dances with a wireless mic in his hand in the modified template file.

Yesterday’s response to Animated 2013 GIF Challenge #1: GIF your Headless Self was good, with contributions from @RockyLou22, @Todd_Conaway, @heystorytellers, @bennettscience, and @byzantinebooks. Did I miss any?  But I know we can wake the #headless13 #ds106 Community giant even more in preparation for the official start of the fall 2013 headless ds106.

Make sure to tag your posts according to the usual Assignment Bank requirements, and your August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge contribution will syndicate through to the corresponding Assignment Bank page so we can easily track the responses. And be sure to tweet out your post, too!

Make some Art, bub!