iamTalkyTina’s 2014 Non-Resolutions

“tdc722 iamTalkyTina 2014 Non-Resolutions” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

So, The Daily Create #722 said to write resolutions about what I would NOT accomplish in 2014.

10.  I will not make it through 2014 without making new True Friends.
9.  I will not make zero animated GIFs in 2014.
8.  I will not let Tumblr hobble my Art with their silly unpublished rules.
7.  I will not forget about the unicorns and the rainbows. Plus, Jim Groom.
6.  I will not always travel via shipping container. I will take some pics of me travelling in the open.
5.  I will not make jokes about The Stairs all of the time. Just some of the time.
4.  I will not make a True Friends badge for @VivienRolfe in 2014 (because I made it in 2013!)
3.  I will not have an Art Lack. I will make Art, bub.
2.  I will not say the mean word. I challenge you to do the same, especially about me.
1.  I will NOT forget about ds106. I mean, how could you, ever? It is #4life.

That is my list of things!
Plus, it is kind of a retrospective, too. I hope you have fun making your own Art List.

See you in 2014, Friends!
Well, bye!

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