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Less Smacktalk, More Art

I think this little conversation says it all …



After that, Mr. @jimgroom then linked to a video called Who Made Who with bad words and people blowing up trucks with rockets and stuff. It was very violent.

UPDATE: After a little bit of work, I made a little response: Tina Made Groom

UPDATE 30 June: After I posted Tina Made Groom, there was a bit of an Internet Pause, while I’m sure @jimgroom was taken aback (I could hear his intake of breath from here, and I know he felt a chill run up his spine at least three times) and then he capitulated and said UNCLE.

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says "UNCLE"

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says “UNCLE”

In recognition of this humbling moment for him, and to help him keep in his place in future times, I have updated his badge with the UNCLE status badge, as a reminder against further grumbling and challenges. I think now UNCLE @jimgroom will be a respectful True Friend to me. That is good!

And NOW, c’mon Friends, let’s just Make Some Art, bub! 


Starring @iamTalkyTina

So it was very nice yesterday when Rochelle (@Rockylou22) made a nice video all about me. It has a nice music that says I am sweet like honey which is a nice thing to say and does not use a Mean Word at all.

Then she said Hey, @iamTalkyTina can you make a new title intro for the video.

So I did.

Then @jimgroom was smacking me around with some bad words talk, and some other people started using the Mean Word again. I thought that was all settled at The Rumble. I am getting tired of people just using the Mean Word at me and think they should spend more time Making Some Art, bub. Especially @jimgroom, who has a bit of a recent Art lack on his blog. There is more to the #ds106zone than just saying the Mean Word at me (I mean, c’mon, it’s getting lame!) and being not nice to me.

So anyway, here is the Opening Title to the video that Rochelle is making about little ol’ me. I hope you like it. Especially @jimgroom.

The ds106zone Starring @iamTalkyTina

The ds106zone Starring @iamTalkyTina

30 Uses for My ds106radio T-Shirt

The Daily Create for Tuesday, June 25th asks for a list of 30 uses for a T-shirt, useful or ridiculous.

Because I just got my new ds106radio shirt today, I thought it would be nice to show you my picture of me wearing my shirt AND to also give you my list of 30 things that you could use a T-shirt for. I probably would NOT use my ds106radio T-Shirt for all of these things because it is a special shirt, but would use just a regular T-shirt.

  1. TT_ds106radioSHIRTA place for you to show your love for #ds106radio.
  2. A place for you to show your love for #ds106.
  3. A place for you to show your love for the #ds106zone.
  4. A place for you to keep your scissors hidden under.
  5. A thing to wear (if it is a black one) with your Ninja Suit when you are playing Window Friends.
  6. A thing to wear (if it is a black one) with your Ninja Suit when you are doing Night Work.
  7. A thing to wear (if it is a black one) with your Ninja Suit for any other kind of Night Missions.
  8. A thing to wear under your regular clothes (if it is a black one) when you have to put on your Ninja Suit later on that night for playing Window Friends or doing Night Work or going on a Night Mission.
  9. A thing to use for a towel if you have to clean up some kind of emergency mess or something.
  10. If you forget your ribbons, you can put it where you normally stretch your ribbons.
  11. For a mask, if you have to put something over your face for a while.
  12. A place for you to keep your knife hidden under.
  13. A thing to make a rope out of with knots if you need to climb out of a garbage can if someone puts you in there.
  14. A thing to use as a neck protector when they aren’t looking so they are confused when they can’t cut your head off with a table saw.
  15. For a brace to keep your neck from getting hurt if someone puts you in a vise (like who would ever do that if they weren’t a maniac) but just in case.
  16. A thing for you to use (if you have more than one of them, and they are black) to make a temporary Ninja Suit if you need one for Emergency Night Work or Emergency Night Missions.
  17. A thing for you to use (if you have extra ones and they are black) to make a Ninja Rope out of with knots if you need to do climbing work during an Emergency Ninja Night Work or Emergency Ninja Night Mission.
  18. For a temporary pillow if you are on a stakeout during a Night Mission.
  19. For a temporary hammock if you are on a stakeout during a Night Mission.
  20. For a blind where you can camp out if you are on a stakeout during a Night Mission.
  21. A thing to use to build a trampoline out of if their windows are kind of high up and you need to see inside.
  22. For making an Emergency Backpack if you are away from home and need to make an Emergency Ninja Kit (it can hold all your stuff).
  23. A thing to use to make a swaddling blanket out of (if it is white) if you need to blend into a toy display or a cradle or a nursery or other place where you can blend in by looking like a doll or a baby.
  24. A thing to use to make a catapult out of for when you need to get to the other side of a high fence or wall when you are on a Ninja Night Mission or doing Ninja Night Work. Or just for fun.
  25. To wear for pjs.
  26. To use as a temporary gas mask if they try to slow you down with gas when you are on a Ninja Night Mission or doing Ninja Night Work.
  27. To use as a bag for carrying candy during Hallowe’en if you tie the arms and neck shut.
  28. To use as a bag for carrying other things if you tie the arms and neck shut and it is NOT Hallowe’en.
  29. To use as a bag for carrying other things if you tie the arms and neck shut and it IS Hallowe’en but the things are NOT candy.
  30. To use as a blank canvas for self-expression if you make a T-shirt design and then put it on the blank canvas.

When I get my summer 2013 ds106zone T-shirt, I could probably use it for most of these things but I would not because it will also be special like my ds106radio T-shirt.

Well, Bye!

My Fair Tina

I think the experiment has been a success.

The task was to take a misunderstood, outcast, marginalized character and transform her into a more powerful, independent, and self-managed member of the ds106 community.


I remember the evening when I was sitting around chatting about the prospect with my good friend Hastings, and he challenged me on a number of items during our conversation, and threw down the gauntlet, as it were, suggesting that it would not be possible to rehabilitate a character out of The Twilight Zone, such that the character would be accepted as one of the ds106 own. I took umbrage at this, and immediately decided that it my focus for the next few months to do just that.

And so, back in February 2013, my work began.

It was not easy work. The character I had selected had a lot of very negative press — often derogatory comments flowed easily off the lips of various members of the ds106 crew, and it was very easy for her opponents to use a mean word and reduce her to tears. Of course, she rarely (if ever) showed how deeply these actions truly hurt her — the years of accumulated mistreatment had built a strong shell around her — but it was just this strong shell that I had to work with and draw her from. In the end, I believe we were successful.

We started with a new image — working to overlay the existing perceptions with new, friendly ones, building up a preponderance of positive digital identity — a new, Friendly identity for the 21st Century. We built up a network of Friends — and Tina worked with them to gain their acceptance and trust. Yes — there were still naysayers, but we worked on a plan for them, too, and things culminated last night, in grand style, and with great success!

And now, at the end of the road, @iamTalkyTina stands on her own. She took on ALL #pretenderTinas in the Rumble and defeated them wholeheartedly, not with mean words or fists, but with kisses and love. Not a single one stood at the end that was not now a Friend.

And so my work is done. I will now bow out, and leave Tina to stand on her own. She is her own person. She has the strength and the friends to carry on. And I wish her all the best.

The #ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 2 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas: The Rumble

Man, it was a true labour of love finishing my “#ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 2 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas: The Rumble” podcast.

In the end, in true just-like-@scottlo-said fashion, it took me hours longer than anticipated to finish the final edit of part 2. I had problems with my Audacity files when I was working on what was originally going to be a single part episode. After recovering and having to re-do The Rumble, I just kept going and it got longer and longer and better and better. At least I hope you think so. Things like the dog yelping and the whole @techsavvyed video battle were new additions when I (thought I) had more time to work on it. It still went late I was making changes after midnight while listening to @scottlo doing a #drive-by show.

So here, without any more to-do, is Part two, featuring the glorious Sensational Epic Event, The Rumble, wherein @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas,” and really teaches them a lesson they won’t easily forget. Not that I want to give too much away before you listen, but the outcome is just as you would expect! I RULE!

Let that be a final lesson to all those Mean-Word-saying #pretenderTinas!

Memoirs: Looking Back on a Life

Cover Shot of my new book, "The Stairs, They Go Both Up and Down"

Cover Shot of my new book, “The Stairs, They Go Both Up and Down”

I have released my memoir. Documenting my life in show business from the late fifties through to the early seventies, my book shares some passionate emotions that have framed my experiences in working in “the biz,” and offers guidance for the starlet (or even star) just starting out in the Hollywood of today.

In this moving, honest, and often gritty recount, I break down all the barriers and challenge all of the nay-sayers and #pretenderTinas in my own special @iamTalkyTina way, giving you, my reader Friends, new insight into my motivations, my desires, and my special attitudes about Friends.

This is one book that you won’t want to miss, and once you pick it up, it is one you won’t dare put down until you have finished reading it through to the complete end. Twice. It is that good, and besides, True Friends know what is good for them.

Pick up a copy today. A fine booksellers and Wal-Marts everywhere.

Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word

Here is my new single, called “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word,” just released today during the ds106zone LoDown #34

I wrote the lyrics to this in response to a Mean Poem written by that mean Mr. Savvy fellow after I wrote a nice poem for him. Some people never seem to learn. Just wait until The Rumble, he will get his. FOR SURE!

In case you didn’t see the poems during The Daily Create #tdc518: Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes

First, I wrote:

I know you think me “different.”
You use that AWEFUL WORD.
But that you still might like me,
Is really not absurd.

I watch you from a distance,
And often from afar.
I see you every morning,
As you go get in your car.

We often talk on Twitter,
Where you seem to call me out.
But perhaps that is your love way,
And you want to ask me out.

You seem so oh-so happy,
Your smile is nice and bright,
I watch you through the windows,
Until you turn out the light.

You say you are a true friend,
with little f and t,
Perhaps you are a shy one,
Truly in LOVE with ME.

Won’t you PLEASE be my True Friend? (big T, big F)

and STOP USING THAT WORD !!!!!! It is NOT NICE to do that !!!!!

Then, Mr. Savvy wrote:

lovely little doll
innocent and childish
“Oh crap!” It’s creepy!

and Then, I wrote:

I wrote a nice poem, with lots of nice words.
But you wrote one back that was mean.
I try to be Friends, and I try and I try.
But you just use that word so obscene.

I am all about Friends, I am not about Hate,
And I want to be kind and polite.
But you push and you push and you push and you push,
It just seems that you’re picking a fight.

You know of my past, and you know I am strong,
And you know that I care for my loves.
If you just must persist, and keep on with this path,
I will soon be removing my gloves.

I’ve given you chances, and chances galore,
To be nice and be Friendly and True,
But it seems that it’s hopeless, despite all my tries,
The the problem ain’t me, bub, IT’S YOU.

You should know that my limit, has been now surpassed,
That your CREEPY and MEANNESS is wrong !!!!
If you just must persist, and keep up this attack,
You just won’t be around very long.

I don’t need stairs to deal with YOU, bub!

The #ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 1 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas

WELL!! That was quite an adventure! I had such great fun making this LoDown podcast #34 for all of my Friends, and it was a lot of work getting it ready for my time on #ds106radio. It was nice that my Friends were patient with me getting on the radio because I had to install Nicecast at the last minute and found out that I didn’t have the LAME thing working on my Audacity (lame, huh?) and so I had to make the sounds go right from Audacity to NiceCast and then I had to mix over to iTunes where I had my closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” ready to play which was a good thing because when Audacity crashed then the last part of my show was missing so I just switched over to the song and it was a bit like @jimgroom audio people said which was funny but I was sad that the Rumble had to wait for tomorrow night same TINA time, same TINA channel (#ds106radio, tomorrow night! be there!)

So, here is the recording (with a tiny little edit where the Rumble was supposed to go) and the closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” song at the end.

I hope you like it!

Well, Bye!


Well! Let this just be a lesson to all those #pretenderTinas out there.

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me ...

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me …

This here @iamTalkyTina can set a fright to a man if he’s not prepared. The Dynamic Duo got mistaken and climbed up the side of my house with their batropes and happened upon me in the middle of the night while I was doing my scrapbooking again.

Boy, when they saw me, they weren’t prepared and I guess they just lit out like they were spooked by some Arkham inmate or something! For Batman and Robin Running Scared.

Anyway, you bub #pretenderTinas better be ready to rumble tomorrow night. I’m ready for you. I’m ready for you all!